Lori nursing home legislation signed

Published 3:44 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo submitted Gov. Rick Snyder signs PA 144 Tuesday.

Rep. Matt Lori Tuesday announced Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation that removes the need for the Legislature to revisit an assessment levied on nursing homes and long-term care facilities every year.
“This law makes a very common-sense amendment to correct deficits in the assessments for nursing homes and long-term care facilities without requiring the program to be resubmitted every year for legislative adjustment,” said Lori, R-Constantine. “The measure allows these vital facilities to match available federal funds for reimbursement, which makes perfect sense in this economy.”
PA 144 amends the public health code and makes a technical change to the nursing home and hospital Quality Assurance Assessment Program, which is used to offset the cost incurred with Medicaid patients.
Currently, the public health code is amended annually by the Legislature to reflect appropriations based on the Quality Assurance Assessment Program.
He added that the new law provides that the same assessment rules are applied to both nursing homes and hospitals.

Lori supports legislation denying domestic partners benefits
Lori hailed House passage of legislation Sept. 15 to deny medical benefits to domestic partners as a vote to prevent wasteful spending of tax dollars.
“Just because people live at the same address is not a good reason to provide them with health benefits,” said Lori. “Expansion of benefits is something the state simply cannot afford. There isn’t enough money in the current budget, and the Legislature has already cut health-care spending for public employees.”
House Bill 4770 prohibits public employers from providing compensation and medical benefits to domestic partners, while HB 4771 would prohibit domestic partner benefits as a subject of collective bargaining.
Both measures were enacted by the House this week, and now go to the Senate for consideration.