Jo-Ann Boepple: Remember when …

Published 9:27 pm Thursday, September 15, 2011

The summer is drawing to a close and the class reunions are over, or so I thought, until I found a Facebook page titled, “You’re Old School Edwardsburg If You Remember…”
The Edwardsburg High School Class of 1981 is holding a class reunion Oct. 14.  They are traveling the internet with memories of their high school years, classmates from other classes have jumped on the bandwagon and are riding along, sharing their memories.
Here are some of those:
Remember when you…
Always referred to the town as the “Burg”
When Skateland was the happening place to hang out.
When the only places to eat were: The Cupboard Restaurant, Big E Pizza, Paul’s Pizza  Parlor and Tastee Freez, When the Tastee-Freeze became “Glenda’s”
When Glenda’s became “Spicy’s”
The only drive-in was Bowers Root Beer Junction, and the Eddie Burger.
When Bower’s Drive In was called Dog N Suds Drive-in
When Dog and Suds was called A & W Drive In (The museum has one of the old gallon jugs and some of the coupons you would get for each gallon of root beer purchased, which entitled you to a free gallon.)
When there were only two grocery stores: Raab’s and Hardings, When Raab’s Supermarket and a restaurant were in the same building
Remember the Rustic Inn or what Morry’s was?
The only pharmacy in town was Klinger’s.
When Smith’s Hardware Store opened and when Bergman’s Animal Hospital opened
Duck’s TV and Appliance at U.S. 12  in Adamsville
When there were two doctors in town: Dr. Rea and Dr. Knox, and the kids of the two doctors
When the boys had to stand in line at school for a physical
When there were three gas stations: one in town, the Zephyr Station on U.S. 12 and the Stateline Service Station on M-62
When the Pleasant Lake Resort was just a bar on the lake
When the Burg had one flashing light instead of three stop lights (and still has a flashing light)
When you had to go to South Bend or Elkhart to get anything you really wanted (Has that changed?)
When they built University Park Mall
The group of bison someone had fenced in of U.S. 12 and when the bison got out and were running down U.S. 12
What was growing at the Beebe Farms
When we had rural route addresses
When the phone numbers started with NE 1 and NE 2 (“NE” standing for “Neptune”), When we only had to dial the last four digits
The Blizzard of ’78 that kept us out of school so long they claimed we would have to make up the time during the summer, That Edwardsburg was always the last school to be reported closed during a snow storm
When you had to walk from the junior high school to the high school for lunch
When there was a road that went over the railroad tracks near the entrance to the high school parking lot and why the road over the tracks was closed (also the road over the tracks at the end of Hamilton Street)
When the middle school was the junior high and who Mr. G and Charlie were, The junior high was built backward and was shaped like an “E,” Remember the junior high courtyard and the “Enemy Tree?” Who can forget Smokey Oaks?
When there was nothing but a field and a couple (of dirt) roads to the left of the high school where you could make out on the side roads by the school and not worry about being seen
When the high school had a soda and candy machine outside the cafeteria and a pay phone between the vending machines (which was out of order most of the time)
The phone booth outside the junior high school
Lake Video on U.S. 12 at Eagle Lake
That Captain Kangaroo’s daughter lived on Christiana Creek
That one of the band members of the band Bread lived on Eagle Lake
When Edwardsburg had two barber shops: Duke’s around the corner form Morry’s Super Market and Bruce Brown’s in the village (Duke worked at Merle Claire’s barber shop and then went out on his own.)
Remember the go-cart track on Elkhart and May Street, which later was turned into a BMX track, and the go-cart track on U.S. 12 near Fir Road?
If  you enjoyed reading these memories, check out the Facebook page. There were many more comments that couldn’t be printed here.
And if you want to take a trip down that old lane, on Oct. 7 after the home football game, there will be a gathering for all alumni at the performing arts center at the high school and the Old School Bash will be Oct. 14 at Mr. G’s in Osceola, sponsored by the Class of ’81 and open to all alumni.