Upton a gift that keeps on giving?

Published 2:26 pm Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear editor,

Fred Upton: the gift that keeps on giving.

In December, Fred Upton voted no on the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.

He voted no on the Continuing Appropriations Act to fund the government through March.

He voted no on the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to help people exposed to toxic waste at Ground Zero.

The Democratic House passed these bills in spite of obstructionists like Upton.

Now we have a Republican House. For those of you who “like Fred” and voted for him, pay attention to his votes.

Subscribe for free online to MegaVote, a non-partisan service that simply records major votes of our senators and our representative and gives a simple explanation of the bill.

If you bothered to vote at all, you have a right to see how you’re being represented in Congress and in the Senate.

They must be held accountable.

Cathy LaPointe