Proos shows support for transportation

Published 6:09 pm Sunday, November 14, 2010

State Rep. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, supported House Bill 6484, to allow $100 million of capital outlay bond proceeds to be used on transportation projects.

“The high-speed rails will modernize Michigan, allow us more opportunities and provide us with permanent jobs,” Proos said.

The transit project would create 57,000 jobs throughout the Midwest, according to a study done by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group.

The bill seeks to amend  the state building authority to allow for the state capital outlay process to provide up to $100 million of capital outlay bond proceeds to be spent on high-speed rail federal matching requirements, commuter rail or new transit projects.

House Bill 6484 would provide state funds that are needed to match the federal high-speed rail funds that were recently allocated for the State of Michigan. Without this legislation, the State of Michigan would lose the recent federal high-speed rail funds.

“The benefits from the transportation systems will great for Southwest Michigan residents,” Proos said. “Michigan needs to hop on board because this is a crucial step towards improving our tourism economy and commuter population.”

The bill would still give power to the state building authority to improve, construct and maintain facilities and all new buildings, parking structures, lots or other facilities in any way acquired by the building authority.