What has Upton done for us lately?

Published 9:14 pm Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear editor:

We in southwest Michigan have had the same House representative for the past 26 years, and a Republican in that seat since 1932.

During that time I have written and very few times have I received an answer from Fred Upton.

The question I have to put forth is what did Fred Upton do for the people in his district in those 24 years he has been in office? I’m talking about the southwest part of Michigan.

How many of our residents travel out of the area to get to their jobs in another state?

How many manufacturing facilities has he helped bring in his area to help find employment for the unemployed?

Cass County had put in a highway west of Union going off of U.S. 12 and they said that would bring manufacturing facilities to the area because it would connect to the interstate located in the northern part of Indiana. Where are they?

We all must remember that the Cass County commissioners are run by the Republicans, and have been since I have lived here. What have they done for us? Raise our property taxes and take care of their own.

All I am putting forth is make sure you vote and do vote the right way. You think Fred Upton did us all right? Vote for him. Time in my book to change our representative.

Thank you.

Amadeo Lese