In November for some, the choice is clear

Published 9:11 pm Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear editor:

We don’t see much about the candidates running for the top offices in Michigan so we thought we’d jot down a few facts:

Governor — Democrat Virg Bernero, five-term mayor of Lansing and former Michigan representative and senator. He’s balanced every budget without raising taxes, and led the charge to save GM. Republican Rick Snyder, businessman, was chairman of the board when Gateway Computers was outsourced to China along with thousands of U.S. jobs. He recently created another company in China that brags, “we are competing with the U.S.”

Secretary of State — Democrat Jocelyn Benson, WSU election law professor, pledges non-partisanship in elections, advocates early voting and one-stop service centers. Republican Ruth Johnson, Oakland County clerk, was Dick DeVos’s running mate and co-chaired John McCain’s campaign in Michigan. She advocates mandating photo ID for voting and stated that using foreclosure lists to challenge voters is “perfectly legal.”

Attorney general — Democrat David Leyton, Genesee County prosecutor, will start a “public corruption division” and take a 10 percent pay cut. Republican Bill Schuette, former judge, says he will continue to pursue the policies of Mike Cox, including fighting against the health care bill.

For more facts, go to the candidates’ websites. But for us the choice is clear. Vote Democrat on Nov. 2.

Bob and Hazel Crosbie