Meth user tells judge he is ‘guilty by association’

Published 3:22 pm Friday, August 27, 2010


Edwardsburg Argus

CASSOPOLIS — Kevin Turner, who pleaded guilty to methamphetamine-related charges in July, changed his tune at his sentencing Friday.

“No drugs were found, no active labs,” he told Cassopolis Circuit Court Judge Michael Dodge. “I am guilty by association.”

Dodge said he was “puzzled” by Turner’s comments, reminding the Edwardsburg man he had admitted under oath to using meth components found at his home to manufacture the drug. He also confessed to using it.

Turner was then handed a two- to 20-year prison sentence with credit for two days served.

Turner was arrested April 11 after Edwardsburg Police were called to his home to investigate a reported fight. He and his brother were in a heated argument over meth, according to Dodge, when Turner’s daughter intervened and he pushed her away, resulting in a domestic violence charge. Officers found components to manufacture meth at the scene.

The probation department recommended a sentence below the guidelines and no prison time, but Dodge said he wasn’t able to find “substantial and compelling reasons” to deviate below the guidelines but still gave a sentence at the bottom of the guidelines.

As part of his plea agreement, Turner had a felony firearm charge dismissed. That felony would have added a consecutive two-year prison sentence.