Tea Party ‘continues to open my eyes’

Published 9:22 am Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear editor:

Serving as chairman of the Cass County 912 Tea Party (a chapter of Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots) continues to open my eyes to the political and governmental realms in ways I never thought possible.

For years, my family supported Congressman Fred Upton.

Most everyone likes Fred. He’s a good guy in a tough world.

As chairman, one of my duties includes working to set up meetings with candidates and debates if possible. While trying to set up debates with Fred Upton, Jack Hoogendyk and Don Cooney, I was informed by the Upton campaign director the Tea Party could not be fair in this debate.

So, I continue to try to work behind the scenes to get a debate for the 6th Congressional District of Michigan in our area, without actual involvement of the Tea Party.

We — the people — want a fair and honest debate before the Aug. 3 primary. We want it with all candidates if possible. We want a fair moderator willing to ask tough questions and get real answers. We want it held in a town hall format at a local school — say Cass or Edwardsburg high schools or Southwestern Michigan College — available for our area citizens to witness first-hand.

Enough of the stonewalling! Jack and Don have both committed in writing and in person to debate with Fred before the primary.

Fred, what about July 17, 24 or 31 as a date? The other two promise, if it gets set up, they will be there. Is there any news organization with a capable nonpartisan moderator willing to do this for we the people?

Will a local TV station broadcast this important debate for the people of southwest Michigan?  We have no response from any to date.

We wonder why is the media silent?

Yes, the pressure prompted an impromptu debate at a distant radio station not in our range between Jack and Fred. Placating us with this impersonal discussion only leaves us wanting to know answers to real questions.

C’mon Fred! Stand up and do this for the voters in our area.

We deserve better.

Scott Davis