Volina celebrates class of 2010

Published 4:37 pm Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 19th Volinia Outcomes School commencement ceremony celebrated 21 seniors who fulfilled their high school requirements to earn their diplomas.

Volinia is an alternative education school, which is part of Marcellus Community Schools, providing service to Cass and all surrounding counties.

For more information on the school, contact Don Price at 782-9716.

2010 Graduates

Andy Bennett – Dowagiac
Jacob Breseman – Marcellus
Annette Brockus – Lawrence
Brent Elder – Marcellus
Justin Gose – Marcellus
Jordan Hawkins – Marcellus
Trey Lint – Three Rivers
Tia McClain – Edwardsburg
Mitchell Mitchell II – Cassopolis
Jamie Napier – Dowagiac
Icy Norman – Marcellus
Ryan Oliynyk – Three Rivers
Kristen Oswalt – Marcellus
Stephanie Pollard – Marcellus
Nikkole Reyna – Marcellus
Slade Shattuck – Marcellus
Tara Smith – Marcellus
Zach Snyder – Marcellus
Chris Waterson – Marcellus
Jared Wesaw – Dowagiac
Adam Wood – Dowagiac