Students strut talents on stage at talent show

Published 1:45 pm Thursday, April 1, 2010

Edwardsburg Argus

Edwardsburg Middle School once again hosted its Academic Showcase and Talent Show, giving students a chance to shine on stage in front of their peers, family and friends.

Coordinator Jacque Chislea said the event held last Thursday evening at the Performing Arts Center was quite a success.

“We had a lot of people there,” Chislea said, estimating the attendance at 600 people.
There were 14 student acts to take the stage, narrowed down from a total of 24 that tried out for the event and two staff acts.

“There’s a really talented group of kids here,” she said. “We’ve got very motivated students.”

Also making the event a big success, Chislea said, was a “combination of excitement” on behalf of the community, students and teachers.

Some of the highlights from the event included the staff skit performance of “We Go Together” from the Broadway musical “Grease,” and an impersonation of pop music icon Michael Jackson.

The event takes weeks of planning and work from teachers, administration and staff.
The talent show doesn’t just provide entertainment, Chislea said but an opportunity for some students to build self-esteem.

“Some of those students who are a little more timid go into the talent show and it’s like a 360 for them,” she said.

In performing and receiving applause and cheers from their audience, some students can feel a boost to their confidence.

“That’s a really great thing,” Chislea said.