Village council approves TIF agreement

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, January 28, 2010

Edwardsburg Argus

Edwardsburg Village council members voted to accept a tax sharing agreement after a vote in a special meeting Wednesday, Jan. 20.

The Cass County Tax-Increment Financing agreement, will allow the Uptown Corridor Improvement Authority to capture taxes on new construction within the designated jurisdiction.

The council was forced to hold a special meeting in order to seek out better understanding of the legal text of the agreement.

The Argus previously reported on the recommendation by the county regarding the agreement. Leader Publications reporter John Eby described the TIF agreement as a “tax-sharing agreement (which) would permit the capture of Cass County allocated operating millage and only Cass County allocated operating millage on new construction – not inflationary increases on property located within the Uptown Corridor Improvement Authority District adopted July 13, 2009, and not any increase in the size of the district unless expressly approved later by the Board of Commissioners.

“A second part of the recommendation stipulates that captured tax only be used for certain public infrastructure projects ‘and none others:’ streetscape, $5.36 million, 2013-2030; water main replacement, $1.09 million, 2010-2030; and intersection enhancements, $220,000, 2013.

“Robinson stated he was unable to understand the text of the agreement which was presented to the council, as were many others who had been shown the document.”

As council members voted on the agreement in time, the 2009 year will be approved for capture.