Parks and rec commission elects officers

Published 2:42 pm Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leader Publications

CASSOPOLIS – A moment of prayer was held during the opening remarks at the Cass County Parks and Recreation Commission Jan. 14 in memory of Trustee Donald Coy, who died Jan. 1.

Vice Chairman Johnie Rodebush said Coy was a long-time member of the Friends of the Cass County Parks and a trustee on the commission. He had just gotten out of the hospital and attended the December meeting and finished up with his duty. He drove to all parks and checked over every piece of equipment.

Coy was from Dowagiac.

The board voted to re-elect current officers for 2010. They are Judy Snow, chairwoman; Rodebush, vice chairman; and Roseann Marchetti, secretary-treasurer. James Snow was named chairman the Capital Funds Committee; Personnel Committee, Bruce Campbell; Capital Improvement and Policy, Rodebush; and Finance, Snow.

Director Scott Wyman may put information about Cass County Parks on the social networking site Facebook.

It was also discussed with Sandy Gower, county grants and project manager, about a request for her to search for grant money to fund the construction of a maintenance building at Dr. T. K. Lawless Park east of Vandalia. She inquired to eight sources and foundations and has not had any luck so far but is still waiting to hear from one source.

The total request for the maintenance building is $80,000. Other requests to be made are for a 3.5-acre dog park, a rental building and waterless restrooms at the group campsite. A 25 percent match is required to get the grant money but can be accounted for in kind.

The search for grants will be continued for the April 1 deadline.