Cass County working on $477,295 worth of projects

Published 12:40 pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

CASSOPOLIS-Cass County Road Commission crews began chip and seal projects on several primary roads. The project cost is $477,295 which is being paid for entirely with federal stimulus dollars. Projects are:

• Indian Lake Road from Crystal Springs Street to .25 mile north of Smith Lake Street, a total of 1.22 miles, $32,050;

• Pine Lake Street from Dailey Road to Hess Road, 1.01 miles; Monette Street from M-62 to Oil City Road, .58 mile; and Dailey Road from Coulter Street to M-60, 1.89 miles, $77,650;

• Marcellus Highway from Griffis Road to Decatur Road, .93 mile; Gard’s Prairie Road to Goodenough Road, 1.06 miles; and Lawrence Road to Finch Road, 1.4 miles, $82,525;
• Decatur Road from M-60 to Kelsey Lake Street, 3.73 miles, $90,050;

• Brownsville Street from M-62 to Crooked Creek Road, 2.96 miles, $73, 920;

• Fir Road from Redfield Street to U.S. 12, 1 mile, and Beebe Road from U.S. 12 to Runkle Street, 1.71 miles, $62,000;

• Pine Lake Street from M-60 to Anderson Road, 1.55 miles, $31,600 and
• Huntly Road from Holly Street to Barron Lake Road, 1.35 miles, $27,500.