All-School reunion honored Class of ’59

Published 12:54 pm Wednesday, August 26, 2009


EDWARDSBURG – The 31st Edwardsburg Annual All-School Alumni Reunion was held in the cafeteria of the Edwardsburg Intermediate School on Sunday, Aug. 16. This year’s reunion featured the graduating Class of 1959 being honored by the Class of 1969 Graduates. The 1959 grads each received a commerative coffee mug containing some old time candies. Their tables were decorated with their class colors and their class flower a “White Iris.”

A wonderful pot luck luncheon was served and enjoyed by all. It featured some terrific fried chicken, which was “imported” all the way from Popeye’s in St. Joseph.

The oldest female graduate in attendance was Mary Catherine Morris and the oldest male graduate was Loyal Lane. Chito de Quinto, a former exchange student from the 1969 class, was deemed the graduate who had traveled the farthest, having come from his home in Santa Clara, Calif.

A hot topic of discussion took place during the roll call of classes. It concerned a series of incidents that occurred many years ago in the old high school. Some of the gentlemen in attendance recalled being members of a group that perpetrated the deed, they were involved in the placing of a live dairy cow in the girl’s bathroom. One of the culprits confessed to pulling off the “cow napping” three years in a row.

Perhaps more will be revealed at next year’s All-School Reunion, that will take place on Sunday, Aug. 15, 2010.