Niles community loses another ‘good guy’

Published 5:33 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

To the editor:

This letter is to acknowledge the passing of another of the Niles community’s truly “good guys.”

We were neighbors of Fred and Charlene Wilson during the 60s and there wasn’t a nicer family to be found. Their two older sons babysat with our boys on occasion and their youngest son, Tracy (“Tiny”) and our eldest son were good friends from Presbyterian Nursery School on until Tracey’s untimely death. Tracey also filled a huge place in our second son’s heart in later years as they enjoyed Tiny’s many hog roasts, etc.

Back when Tracy and Tom were playing in the Little League and our youngest, our daughter, was less than a year old and had had her fill of baseball games and was getting fussy, Freddie cuddled her on his shoulder until she fell asleep.

The whole family were the kindest, gentlest friends to everyone and would have given anyone the shirts off their backs. Fred and Charlene were hard-working and dependable within their family as well as in their work worlds. Charlene was a loved and respected beautician in Niles for many years. Fred retired from Electro Voice, after also working many years at Clark Equipment in Buchanan. During those same years, he was also working at Krjaci Drugs and Thayer’s Jewelry, cleaning their businesses after hours, which also speaks for his trustworthiness.

That couple provided their family with all of the “tools” to become the successes that they have. Tracy also worked several jobs at the same time to support his family. They all have a special place in our family’s heart and surely will be missed in the Niles community.

Eleanor D. Fisher