Miss Cass-St. Joseph pageant is this Saturday in Dowagiac

Published 9:23 am Friday, August 14, 2009

The Miss Cass-St. Joseph County Scholarship Pageant takes place Saturday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m. at the Dowagiac Middle School Performing Arts Center.
Tickets cost $15 each and are available from any contestant or at the door.
2010 Miss Contestants:

Contestant 1: Jennifer Frayer of Edwardsburg, 19, daughter of Cynthia  and Alan Egmer.
Talent:  comedic monologue
Platform: Drunk Driving – Is it Worth the Risk?
Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Contestant 2: Amber Webb of Sturgis, 21, daughter of Ronald and Darla Webb.
Talent:  monologue
Platform: The FFA: More than Cows, Sows and Plows
Cornerstone University

Contestant 3: Lee Zimmerman of Sturgis, 19, daughter of Lynn Dobberteen and Steve Zimmerman.
Talent:  jazz dance
Platform: Prevention of Drinking and Driving
Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville

Contestant 4: Lindy Folkers of Sturgis, 18, daughter of Randy and Vicky Folkers.
Talent:  clogging
Platform:  Abstinence
Glen Oaks Community College

Contestant 5: Jasmine Neldon of Niles, 18, daughter of Sandy Neldon and Floyd Brown.
Talent:  Broadway vocal
Platform:  Youth Empowerment
Western Michigan University

Contestant 6: Ashley Solloway of Cassopolis, 21, daughter of Tina and Gary Solloway.
Talent:  Monologue
Platform:  The Effects of Alcohol Abuse
Southwestern Michigan College

Miss Cass-St. Joseph Teen Contestants:
Contestant 1: Hannah Montgomery of Edwardsburg, 13, daughter of Jeff and Kellie Montgomery.
Talent:  Vocal
Platform: Teens Making a Difference Through Volunteerism
Ring Lardner Middle School

Contestant 2: Ada Francois of Dowagiac, 14, daughter of Marty and Marleigh Francois.
Talent: Ballet
Platform:  Be a Team Player
Dowagiac Middle School

Contestant 3: Nicole Irwin of Cassopolis, 13, daughter of Don and Tracie Irwin.
Talent: Lyrical dance
Platform:  The Importance of Extra Curricular Activities
Student at Dowagiac Middle School

Contestant 4: Abby Rzepka of Niles, 13, daughter of Jim and Kellie Rzepka.
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Animal Cruelty and Abandonment
Ring Lardner Middle School

Contestant 5: Desiree Morris of Niles, 13, daughter of Carlyn Morris.
Talent: Tumbling/dance
Platform:  Child Neglect and Abuse
Ring Lardner Middle School

Contestant 6: Toni Marie Franco of Dowagaic, 14, daughter of Rayann and Tony Franco.
Talent:  Violin
Platform: Keeping Musical Education in Schools
Dowagiac Union High School