Michigan Community Blood donor list for July

Published 3:26 pm Friday, August 14, 2009

One gallon donors included Brandon Deuel, of Baroda; Erin Allen and Marsha Ellis, of Niles; Helen Koch of St. Joseph; and Stephanie Scalf of Three Oaks.

Those who donated two gallons included Cynthia Gunn of Buchanan; Adam Elrod, and Patti Seidner of Niles; and Antoinette Schalon of Stevensville.

Three gallon donors included Rebekah Bingham of Baroda; Scott Fleisher of Buchanan; and Michael Zeigler of Niles.

Five gallon donors included: Ellen Sips of New Buffalo and Daryl McDonald of St. Joseph.

Marvin Kushman of St. Joseph donated 17 gallons.