20 years of spreading ‘good will’

Published 7:02 am Saturday, August 1, 2009

Niles Daily Star

These days, with increasingly stressful work environments – it’s refreshing to hear of those hardworking employees whose efforts don’t go unnoticed by employers.
That was exactly the case Saturday, July 25, when Bev Axline was celebrated at her workplace, Goodwill in Niles.

Axline marked 20 years with the company.

“I enjoy working with the people and meeting all different kinds of people,” she said.
A mother of five, Axline began working at Goodwill sometime after she moved to Niles from Columbus, Ohio. Loyalty and hard work are two characteristics she shares with her husband, who she said is going on 40 years as an employee with National Standard.
“I just like my job,” she said.

Humble as she may be, 20 years is an accomplishment store manager Jean Dawman said she feels is notable in the day and age of rising unemployment.

“It’s really special,” Dawman said. “Twenty years with one company is quite commendable these days.  We’re very proud of her.”

Axline worked for the Niles store that had previously closed, transferring to the Grape Road location in South Bend before Niles opened up its new store in 2005, Dawman said.
“She knows a lot of the customers,” she added. “She’s very good (as an employee), very dependable, very friendly, very outgoing.”

She even received a certificate of recognition and a bonus for not missing any work for an entire year in 1994.

To mark the occasion last weekend, friends, customers and coworkers gathered at the store and Axline was presented with a special cake.

Axline said she didn’t realize the trouble everyone would go to, to celebrate but was very appreciative.

The store also featured a special message on the store’s marquee to Axline thanking her for 20 years of service – and counting.

Though she said she’s not quite sure of future plans yet, Axline said that when she and her husband do retire, they’d like to travel and see family in Ohio, Florida and Virginia.
Until then, she’s happy with her long-time employer and her coworkers.
“We’ve got a good crew there now,” she said.

Even after 20 years, Dawman said Axline is what one might consider the picture perfect employee. “She still loves to come to work every day,” she said. “And still has a smile on her face.”