Josh Grant picks up first win

Published 10:39 am Thursday, July 9, 2009

By TOM NYHUIS / Vigilant/Argus

BUCHANAN – It was an overcast day Saturday at RedBud but the rain held off long enough for the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship to compete and see rookie racer Josh Grant take the podium for his first 450cc career win.

Ryan Dungey finish’s first in moto 1 at RedBud on Saturday. Dungey finished fifth overall in the 250cc class.

This year’s Monster Energy Motocross National was held on Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday event to accommodate a live broadcast on NBC.

Grant finished moto 1 with a second place finish but came back in moto 2 to take the lead on lap five to earn the point needed for his first ever overall victory in the 450cc class.

Chad Reed finished with an overall second place finish with a 1-3 day and Ivan Tedesco held on for third overall with a 4-2 finish.

In the 250cc Class, Jake Weimer out of Rupert, Idaho captured the top spot for the second consecutive week going without a No. 1 finish. Weimer finished second and fourth for the day but good enough for the overall win.

“It doesn’t get any better than coming away with the overall,” Weimer said. “It’s nice to get the moto wins, those are good too, but the overall gets the bonus money and the points.”

Ryan Dungey who was looking for the top spot after finishing first in the opening moto, couldn’t match his first race performance in moto 2 spilling his ride twice. Dungey managed to stay in the top 10 finishing eighth to give him a fifth overall finish.

Christopher Pourcel of France won the second moto and holds on to the overall points lead with 255 points, nine points ahead of Dungey who ends the day with 246.

Ricky Carmichael was back on a bike at RedBud in the three laps FMF 2 Stroke Invitational held during the intermission. Carmichael led from the start for the win to show the fans he still has what it takes to win at track. While racing the national circuit Carmichael recorded the most all-time wins at RedBud with nine.

Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross


Monster Energy Motocross


At RedBud, Buchanan

Round 6 of 12

450 Class (Moto Finish)

1. Josh Grant, Riverside, Calif., Yamaha (2-1)

2. Chad Reed, Australia, Suzuki (1-3)

3. Ivan Tedesco, Tallahassee, Fla., Honda (4-2)

4. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda (3-4)

5. Cody Cooper, New Zealand, Yamaha (6-5)

6. Ricky Dietrich, Menifee, Calif., Kawasaki (5-6)

7. Michael Byrne, Australia, Suzuki (7-7)

8. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Honda (8-9)

9. Nick Wey, Dewitt, Mich., Yamaha (10-8)

10. Justin Brayton, Murrieta, Calif., KTM (11-11)

450 Class Championship


1. Chad Reed, Australia, Suzuki, 240

2. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda, 219

3. Ivan Tedesco, Tallahassee, Fla., Honda, 200

4. Josh Grant, Riverside, Calif., Yamaha, 198

5. Michael Byrne, Australia, Suzuki, 145

6. Mike Alessi, Victorville, Calif., Suzuki, 142

7. Cody Cooper, New Zealand, Yamaha, 135

8. Thomas Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Kawasaki, 123

9. Ricky Dietrich, Menifee, Calif., Kawasaki, 119

10. Nick Wey, Dewitt, Mich., Yamaha, 101

250 Class (Moto Finish)

1. Jake Weimer, Rupert, Idaho, Kawasaki (2-4)

2. Christopher Pourcel, France, Kawasaki (8-1)

3. Tommy Searle, Great Britain, KTM (5-2)

4. Brett Metcalfe, Australia, Honda (4-3)

5. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki (1-8)

6. Justin Barcia, Cairo, Ga., Honda (3-7)

7. Kyle Cunningham, Ft. Worth, Texas, Kawasaki (7-11)

8. Matt Lemoine, Collinsville, Texas, Yamaha (10-12)

9. Wil Hahn, Decatur, Texas, KTM (9-14)

10. Martin Davalos, Ecuador, KTM (20-5)

250 Class Championship


1. Christopher Pourcel, France, Kawasaki, 255

2. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki, 246

3. Tommy Searle, Great Britain, KTM, 191

4. Brett Metcalfe, Australia, Honda, 179

5. Tyla Rattray, South Africa, Kawasaki, 175

6. Blake Wharton, Pilot Point, Texas, Honda, 156

7. Jake Weimer, Rupert, Idaho, Kawasaki, 153

8. Justin Barcia, Cairo, Ga., Honda, 151

9. Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Yamaha, 141

10. Trey Canard, Shawnee, Okla., Honda, 139