Most corporate offices are bulging at the seams

Published 11:20 am Friday, June 12, 2009

To the editor:

As a person who was downsized out of his corporate position 20 plus years ago, I can relate to General Motors’ current situation.

In fact, I could almost guarantee that I could cut hundreds of jobs out of their corporate offices alone.

Most large corporations are bulging at the seams in their corporate offices.

This is not even considering the head guy in the corner office upstairs who is tremendously overpaid.

This guy is usually only valuable in his own mind.

Corporations have people in the main office stumbling over each other and piloting a desk to who knows where while the guys at local plants are attempting to make a perfect product that is needed in the market.

I spent a great deal of time attempting to locate plants in the south to take advantage of cheaper labor.

At that time many of these employees down there were farmers or had other jobs, but could devote 40 hours to a factory job.

In today’s world many of these jobs have now moved offshore.

Looking back now, the only thing that makes me feel good about my life in the corporate world is the fact I would learn later that it took six people to replace what I was doing.

Charles Knapp