How dare you John Q. Citizen

Published 11:19 am Friday, June 12, 2009

To the editor:

Living in the country is a choice that we choose because of the beauty of nature, the peace and quiet.

If we choose this life style we endure rough roads, dust from those roads and the last to be plowed during the winter months. We pay taxes that are just as high, if not higher, as the city dweller. We maintain our yards, pay for trash removal and for a few brief moments get to enjoy the county lifestyle.

So why do you think that you are entitled to come down a dirt road in the country and dump 13 bags of trash, tires, love seats, sofas, mattresses and anything else that you are too lazy to take to the dump?

If you take the time to find a “spot” to dump your trash in the country, why don’t you find a dumpster to put your trash in? If you can can’t afford the $8.50 for the dump, stop and ask the person whose property you have chosen to use. I’d almost bet they would help you with the money rather than look at the litter.

Call the road commission who takes care of the road, I’m sure that they would help you with the proper place to put the trash. Why should we have to use money budgeted for other work to pay for your trash pick-up?

Although you are lacking the education to read the paper, you will not see this letter. But hopefully someone will see you and report the offense.. Did you know there is a fine of $500 for littering trash along the road. If you can’t afford the dump, you sure won’t be able to pay the fine!

Just know that I am on the lookout for you John Q. Public and if I see you threw out even a dirty pop bottle, beer bottle, a full ashtray or fast food wrapper, I’ll be taking names and plate numbers.

Rosie Lewandowski Way