Parenting can’t be put on the back burner

Published 7:44 am Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By Staff
With the emphasis on mere survival in these poor economic times, parents have an extremely difficult task.
As they are concentrating on keeping or finding a new job, due to layoffs and downsizing, often they just don't have the energy or resources to be the parent they truly would like to be.
Parenting expert Laura Gauld, co-author of the book "The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have," has some tips for parents who find themselves in this situation.
She advocates adults should realize their own personal growth is "our true legacy to our children."
Her advice, along with parents should "live a little," is in the following six pieces of advice:
1. Lead by example.
2. Take risks in front of your child.
3. Do something each day for pure joy.
4. Tackle the deep attitudes that hold you back.
5. Accept what your own parents gave you, what they tried to give you and what they were unable to give you.
6. Understand your job as a parent.
The point isn't that mom was home all day fixing a healthy six-course dinner, but rather that family could gather and spend some time together, whether the main course was macaroni and cheese or steak.
Simple family traditions are also a way to instill memories which will last a lifetime.
They don't have to cost much, they just need to be special and repeated.
These troubling times will end and your children will benefit from seeing you continued your parenting role and kept the family strong and together.