Edwardsburg reappoints Robinson

Published 11:20 pm Thursday, December 18, 2008

By By NORMA LERNER / Dowagiac Daily News
EDWARDSBURG – James Robinson was re-appointed Edwardsburg village president Monday night during a regular meeting of the village council.
The vote was 4-2 with Trustees Scott Mackling, William Rauch, Nancy Stoner and Patricia Bellaire voting in favor of Robinson and Trustees Sherry Dannenberg and Jacque Tighe voting against the motion.
There were no other nominations.
This starts Robinson's second four-year term as president.
Robinson introduced a new Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Department employee, Kaycee Huston.
Huston graduated from the Kalamazoo Law Enforcement Academy in 2006.
She started with the department on July 31.
Tighe, who is the water commissioner, reported ongoing problems with AEP Indiana Michigan Power from Three Rivers,, which has been installing underground lines.
Twice there were problems reported from the school when their water went out from a cut water line.
She said right now they are looking for a line in the Claire Street area.
"It's been a fiasco with the new utility lines. We had no idea it was going underground. We were informed they would be overhead," Tighe said.
She said it was an unfortunate thing for the school, and five residences had to be put on a water boil.
Tighe also reported on well number one running okay with a few problems, and well number two performing at full efficiency.
Trustee Nancy Stoner, who is the Cemetery Board representative, reported during deer hunting season three bullets went whizzing by cemetery sexton Dick Carlson while he was working at the cemetery. He had to hit the ground.
She said he checked where the shots were coming from, and it was a man and woman who were hunting in a field behind the cemetery.
She said someone who might have been placing flowers on a grave could have been killed.
Trustee Patricia Bellaire said she heard about another man who was in the cemetery and had bullets go by him. "He hit the deck," she said.
Stoner said Carlson reported a record year with 22 funerals held.
He also reported there were 11 plots sold and six headstones installed.
He said there are 130 plots in the old part of the cemetery and 650 plots in the new section for sale.
Stoner also reported that dog walkers are using the cemetery, but some are not cleaning up after their dogs.
She said there is a "no pets" sign up.
This will have to be enforced, she said in maybe putting up a bigger sign.