Now city has money for youth recreation

Published 8:56 pm Thursday, December 11, 2008

By Staff
To the editor:
In the past the city's response to any city-sponsored youth programs has been, "We don't have the money."
Well, it appears that the city has $16,525 that has to be spent on the "betterment of the community."
This seems to solve part of the problem.
Although I feel that bathrooms in Beckwith Park are very important, there is no reason not to take some of this money for the "betterment" of Dowagiac youth.
As I have stated in the past, Fitch Camp is a fantastic program for youth up to sixth grade, but there is nothing for seventh and eighth graders.
In the past the city has stated that there are many summer sports opportunities for area youth. As we all know, the economy in Michigan is terrible and even worse in Dowagiac.
Ameriwood has very few people working, IGC has closed, National Copper has laid off many of its employees and Creative Foam has laid-off in large numbers.
Many Dowagiac parents will not be able to afford the cost of some of the summer sports programs like they have in the past.
This is the perfect opportunity for the City of Dowagiac to step up to the plate and show residents that they do care about the youth of Dowagiac and offer a low-cost summer day camp program for seventh and eighth graders.
With more than 20 years experience in the children's camping industry, I would be love the opportunity to sit down with the Dowagiac parks board and help design a summer youth program for Dowagiac youth.