Hospice tree

Published 5:41 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By Staff
The following names were placed on the Dowagiac Tree of Honor and Remembrance:
Richard M. Accoe
Kameron Belew
Gordy Brook
Robert Felthouse
Henry and Vernice Gaideski
Dale Gish
Dave Keene
Jason Kroepel
Dean Leich
Michael Mullin
Elaine Riggs Jojo
Robert W. Riggs
Pauline Schultz
Marylin Smith Wilson
Muriel and Robert Smith
Randall L. Smith
Sharlene Smith
Frank Stanek
Norma Thompson
Helen Vrhel
Joyce and Joe Winchester
Floyd Wood
MaryAnn Wood-Dirsh
Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan tries to insure correct spelling of all names, however omissions and misspellings can still occur.
Please call the Hospice office at 800-304-0273 and they will make corrections for the next weekly release of names.