They shoot dogs, don’t they?

Published 11:06 am Friday, November 14, 2008

By Staff
I heard distressing news last night that five dogs in our area have been shot by hunters.
Four have died.
I used a bow and arrows back when I was a young girl. It wasn't a big complicated compound bow like I see today, but a simple bent piece of wood strung with one string when you bent the bow back.
I lost my taste for the sport, which in my case was just for fun, when I just missed sending an arrow into my cousin who walked outside and into my range of fire. That and the small hole I made in the screen of our back porch sun room.
I ask our many area hunters to please make sure what you are shooting at is really a deer.
With a blonde dog myself I worry. I need to make her an orange vest.
What about those kids who are standing out for the bus in the country in the early morning?
Please take time before you shoot.
Also, each year it seems someone dies from falling out of their tree stand or shooting themselves.
Let's have a safe season.
On the radio driving in this morning, I heard more distressing news.
They were talking about the $700 billion bailout and whether any of it could go to GM.
One financial analyst said this won't be the last bailout.
Why didn't they just give everyone a million dollars?
We aren't greedy, and we all could have bought new cars.
My own Buick already has 133,000 miles on it and I will be paying for it probably long after it is undrivable.
Our mortgages could have been paid and we would have had a bit left over to help the struggling retailers.
They also talked about what will happen in the next presidential election.
Come on, give it a rest.
We finally don't have to throw out all those campaign fliers from our mailboxes.
Our phones have stopped ringing.
The television doesn't have all those "I approve of this ad" messages.
We like it this way and don't want to hear about what will happen four years from now.
Actually if what this woman predicts, it will be worse than ever.
She said everyone would have a cell phone which could receive videos.
The candidates would target certain groups and send specific campaign videos directly to our phone.
Please, no. Don't do it, Obama. I will vote for you again if you do even half of your promises.
I failed to call the veterans in my life Tuesday.
Sorry. I did, though, thank those men I have seen wearing caps proclaiming the name of the ship on which they served.
It is good our veterans are remembered with ceremonies, but it would be even better if they were given the day off from work.
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