Complaint filed against Rentfrow’s campaign dismissed

Published 6:25 am Friday, October 31, 2008

By Staff
A complaint against the Citizens to Elect Stacey Rentfrow for Judge has been dismissed by the State of Michigan.
Heidi Behnke, campaign manager for the Concerned Citizens to Elect Dale Blunier for District Court Judge, filed the complaint Oct. 21, alleging that Blunier's opponent in the race for Fourth District Court judge illegally gambled at a fundraiser event.
The Rentfrow campaign received the letter of dismissal from the Michigan Legal and Regulatory Services Administration, dated Oct. 28, 2008, only a week after the complaint was filed.
"I will continue to run a positive campaign, despite the negative campaigning that has taken place by my opponent," Rentfrow stated Thursday, citing that the complaint was false and going on to cite falsehoods in her opposition's literature regarding her years and scope of legal experience.
"Integrity and the highest ethics are what you should ask of a judicial candidate," she added, pledging to continue to focus on her experience and qualifications as opposed to attacking her opponent with false claims and false information.