Watch out for deer

Published 5:19 am Wednesday, October 29, 2008

By Staff
It's deer season in Michigan and that means the herd will be on the move.
We want to caution area drivers to be on the lookout for deer as they cross the roadways even more at this time of year.
Here are some tips to help you avoid deer that may be on or near the roadways:
Slow down! In areas with a large deer population, or where there are deer warning signs, drivers should reduce their speed.
Always wear your seat belt! It's your best protection from injuries in the event of a crash.
Watch for eyes reflecting in your headlights. Try to look far down the road and scan the roadsides, especially when driving through field edges, heavily wooded areas or posted deer crossing areas. The sooner you see a deer on or approaching a road, the better your chances of avoiding a crash.
Remember that deer travel in herds. If you see one deer cross the road in front of you, don't assume that all is clear. Deer herds can be fairly large, and the animals often move one right behind the other.
Do not place confidence in "deer whistles" or other "ultra-sonic" devices that claim to prevent deer collisions.
Maintain control of your vehicle. It is important that you not lose control of your vehicle or veer into the path of an oncoming vehicle to avoid contact with an animal. Loss of control usually results in a more serious crash.
Tips provided by: The Highway Safety Research Center