Profiters from insane policies fight sensible change

Published 4:53 am Tuesday, October 28, 2008

By Staff
To the editor:
Re: Law enforcers unite against Proposal 1:
Anytime reforming marijuana laws comes up, those who profit from these insane reefer madness policies step forward fighting any sensible change.
The Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, the Michigan Sheriffs' Association, the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police all make a lot of money enforcing reefer madness pot laws. They only care about the easy money they make putting "dangerous" potheads in jail. Anyone needing proof of the lunacy involved in drug prohibition only needs to learn that drugs are cheaper, purer and more widely available than when they began.
In spite of filling the nation's prisons with non-violent drug users, there has never been a decline in the availability of drugs. Any business that operated under drug crusader logic would be out of business in the first quarter. The biggest danger we face drugwise is continuing a counterproductive policy that causes crime, disease and death where none existed previously.
Daly City, Calif.