Gaming systems at top of children’s lists

Published 6:11 pm Friday, December 21, 2007

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES – It's official. The No. 1 item on every child's wish list this year is a gaming system. From the Nintendo DS to the Playstation 3, it seems every boy and girl is hoping to see some sort of electronic device under the tree this year.
This week, the Daily Star visited Eastside Elementary School and asked first grade students what they asked Santa for this year. We also reversed the roles and asked what one gift they would get Santa. The answers were honest and may bring a laugh.
Sean Thompson, 6, said he would like to receive an Xbox as one of his gifts.
"And I want a skateboarding game and a golfing game. Oh and some racecars too," he said.
As far as a gift to Santa, "he needs a hug," he said.
Riley Balos, 6, said she wants a Wii gaming system, but also a wig.
"Yes, a wig because I want to be Hannah Montana. And I want a microphone so I can sing Hannah Montana songs," she said.
Her gift to Santa would be a "big chocolate cake that says 'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas,'" she said.
Diana Murillo, 6, also wants a Wii, but said she wouldn't mind getting clothes and a computer also.
"And I would give Santa a cookie with sprinkles because he likes cookies," she said.
Seven-year-old John Hoskins would like some new games for his computer. "And some cars and a Playstation," he said.
Santa may be pretty happy with Hoskin's gift, as he wants to see Santa in a new sleigh.
"One that's electric and is blue with fire on the front," he said.
A new princess game is one of many items on Shelby Carrico's wish list.
"And I like clothes and I want a shirt with a butterfly on it that comes with tights and a skirt. And the Hannah Montana thing that comes with a mat and you can copy her dance moves. And it comes with a wig," she said.
If she could give Santa a gift, she would leave him a Merry Christmas vanilla cookie.
Tysen Custrd, 6, is another game system hopeful as he would like to see a Wii and Xbox 360 under his tree.
"And tons of wrestlers like John Cena and Kane," he said.
Santa's in for a surprise when he receives Custrd's gift.
"He needs some big, big, big, huge boxers," he said.
Julius White, 7, has a big Christmas list, and an expensive one at that.
"I want an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Wii, a hand held game system and bunches and bunches of wrestlers," he said.
For his gift to Santa, White has exercise in mind.
"I would write him a long letter that tells him to look in his garage and there would be huge weights for him to work out because he needs it," he said.
Raymundo Aquirre, 7, also wants gaming systems like a Gameboy and Wii. If he could get Santa anything it would be, "a purple and pink dress with flowers and hearts and a wig."
Moonsand, jeans with jewels and shirts with jewels are some of the things on Bailey Crowder's list.
The 7-year-olds gift to Santa would be "10 hundred reindeer and five more Rudolph's because if Rudolph gets a bad cold and there is a blizzard then Santa can call the other reindeer," he said.
Jacqueline Medrano, 7, hopes she gets a Barbie house for Christmas.
"It has a washer and stuff to put clothes in and a bathroom so they can take baths," she said.
Santa's going to be dressed like a girl again because Medrano thinks he needs a pink shirt.
"With hearts and flowers and stars and I don't think he would like it but it would be funny to see him," she said.