The systems for college football and bowl games is a joke

Published 4:44 pm Thursday, December 13, 2007

By Staff
One week from today, college football fans will be gearing up for the start of the bowl games.
I, personally, don't get a chance to watch every single game, but I do pay attention and tune into ESPN to see who's won and who hasn't.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Notre Dame play in the National Championship game this year. Can you believe it? Who would have thought that after a 3-9 season the Irish would have made it to the big game?
And Hawaii, poor Hawaii. An undefeated team didn't make it to any bowl games. Wait, they are playing in the Oscar Meyer Bologna Bowl against Duke, I believe.
That game between Ohio State and Adrian College should be great, but it doesn't air until 1 a.m. Sunday morning, so I won't be awake for that one. Oh, and don't forget about the LSU vs. the Chicago Institute of Fashion Chiquita Banana Bowl game. I'm not even sure that one will be televised.
Ok, so it's obvious I am joking about all of this, but in a way I'm not. My picks are just as big of a joke as the people who actually chose the bowl games. I guess I am most confused at the fact that teams are actually hand chosen to play in these games. Forget records, forget how well a team did during the season, none of that seems to matter when it comes down to the nitty gritty.
My opinion is that they should add a playoff system, just like they do at the high school level. They even have it in college basketball. But hey, it's only fair.
The BCS and Division 1 College football are all about the money anyway. If they actually cared who was the real No. 1, there would be a playoff system just like all the other NCAA sports. Instead of having college presidents and conference officials providing excuses and picking teams, they should just put their heads together to figure out the money disbursement and keeping bowls in tact. Actually, that's probably too much rocket science for them to do, so I'll keep my fingers crossed on that issue.
Honestly, I can think of other teams who would have been better off in the final game – Hawaii, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia Tech. Not that I have anything against Ohio State or LSU, because I don't. It's just unfair. The whole system is unfair. But what will my little column do about it? Nothing. It's just space for me to vent, which I have done and now I feel much better.
Regardless I know I will still watch the game, favoring Ohio State to win. And maybe, just maybe, I will tune into the Dannon Yogurt Bowl, the Kraft Ranch Dressing Bowl and the Captain Crunch Cereal Bowl.

My picture this week doesn't show it, but I am no longer a blonde!
Let me tell you, that was a very frightening situation for me. I was born blonde and always have been blonde, but something told me it was time for a change.
I had been thinking about it for about a month and kept going back and forth. Do I? Don't I? Well I did and I love, love, love my hair.
It's not too drastic, which I like, but people have dropped their jaws, especially since I have never had any other color.
I go to Marie &Co. Hair Studio and Design and the owner, Marie, does a fabulous job. She is truly one of the nicest and sweetest people I know. She is what every business owner should be like. Her customers are No. 1 and that has been proven over and over again. If she isn't chatting up a conversation with clients, she's handing out free little gift bags full of goodies for your hair. She does her best to schedule everyone in and will open the salon before the sun rises and stay until the sun sets, just to be sure she gets every in. She's a great person, I've known her for years and I must say she is truly remarkable.