Christmas movies are a fun tradition

Published 3:11 pm Wednesday, December 5, 2007

By Staff
I can't help it. I love watching "It's a Wonderful Life."
From the time I was a little girl, I would look forward to the traditional Christmas season movies on television.
Since my dad's name was Clarence, the angel in "It's a Wonderful Life" was also a special character.
I keep wishing old mean Mr. Potter would change and not cause so much trouble.
I even love the scene where they give the family moving into a new home "bread so they would never be hungry."
Hokey, naturally. But I could watch it again and again.
A friend who wanted to be the only person who never saw that movie – I gave him a copy for a Christmas present.
Though my parents actually met when my mother was selling tickets at her uncle's movie theater, they said they had seen enough in their youth. That was back in the time when the shows changed a few times each week. They saw them all.
Though they wouldn't go to a theater, we did watch all the old movies on television.
"Miracle on 34th Street" was right up there with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed's wonderful life.
A little girl wanting a real home for Christmas was so touching.
The old Bing Crosby White Christmas musicals with a somewhat dorkey plot were also favorites.
Though the years of my own children's youth more movies came on the scene and new favorites were added to our list of must watch sometime in December.
"A Christmas Story" still makes me laugh everytime I think of the boy putting his tongue on the cold metal. Stupid but definitely something a kid would do.
Since all of us kids wore glasses, when Ralphie loses his and they true to form end up under his feet and break – I could definitely relate.
Mine broke in first grade when I stopped suddenly when the bell rang, as we were supposed to say a prayer, and a boy ran into me, causing the glasses to hit the pavement.
Glasses were expensive and we didn't want to cause our parents extra money for a new pair.
The bunny outfit Ralphie is forced to try on also made me smile. I often used my kids to be my living dress forms when I was making costumes. I didn't care if it was a boy or girl one.
The first Christmas movie I watched this year was "The Santa Clause." I love seeing again all the elves outfits and Santa's embroidered velvet suit and his helper Judy's dress.
The many versions of "A Christmas Carol" all have parts to remember, though I liked Bill Murray's the best.
For pure comedy there is the "Home Alone" series, though the first was best.
We can't forget "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I must admit my tree resembles his. This year I put up five small trees of varying sizes.
With a tree just about everywhere you look you can't help but feel the spirit of the season.
I just hope there will be more shows through the next few weeks and that they haven't rushed the holiday and shown them all.