Vote fails to fund Iraq War

Published 2:46 pm Monday, December 3, 2007

By Staff
God bless the people who voted to give Bush just part of what he asked for the war. The ones to blame are the others and along with Bush for their actions against the people of the United States and the Democrats whom are trying to turn this mess around.
The majority of the people voted them in to support the people's belief that the war is not right. The killing of so many of our military, maiming a great number, destroying the families of military people, distrupting their lives.
Wasn't it Russia that was in Afghanistan for 10 years and couldn't win in that territory and the Russian people raised to the point to protest and the government finally pulled out. Bush didn't want to do this for he doesn't want to be accused of losing and wishes to pass the problem onto the next President and then he can say they lost it.
I have written my two Senators and Congressmen and asked them to not fund any more money for the war, if they have to borrow it. Let's see where Bush is at on this move. Other wars were supported with bonds sold to Americans. In Bush's case he gave the biggest tax cut to the one who should pay more.
Now, Gates said the Pentagon will have to shut down military bases and lay off employees.
From the Internet, yesterday's about the grannies urge closing the US bases on foreign soil. The meeting of Women's International Democratic Federation was held in Caracas, Venezuela in April 2007.
The article went on to say that our country the United States of America that the Pentagon admits to maintaining 737 bases in 130 countries on every continent except Antarctica. I'm quoting the figures, 11 bases in Japan, 100 in Italy and Germany big time.
What do you say Gates, are you going to close bases in other countries, or are you going to cut the employees of our country?
Mr. Gates you should also look at all the waste that has taken place in Iraq. I'm talking big bucks, let alone the 190,000 weapons that came up missing.
Remember Bush has criticized the Democrats who are investigating the funds and those that were paid to contractors in Iraq. Is this really a war created to make profit?