Column: I still hate the BCS

Published 2:09 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2007

By Staff
No matter how hard I try to like the Bowl Championship Series, I just can't!
We are headed toward another mess in search of a true national champion in football.
Should Pittsburgh upset West Virginia and Oklahoma topples Missouri on Saturday, then the national title picture becomes even cloudier than it already is.
Ohio State is probably in the best position to make a bid for the title game just because the Buckeyes don't play another game.
While we all sit and wonder if it will be the Mountaineers versus the Tigers in January for the BCS championship, Hawaii sits out there undefeated.
Even if West Virginia and Missouri both get knocked off and Florida beats LSU, I don't think we will see Hawaii competing for the national championship.
And why is that?
Because, the experts say, they don't play a tough enough schedule.
So what!
It has beaten everyone that would play them this season, save Washington, which it plays on Saturday.
Hawaii cannot help that many of the "big-time" college football programs are afraid to schedule it.
Michigan was supposed to play Hawaii, backed out and picked up Appalachian State instead.
How did that work out for you Bill Martin?
If we learned nothing from last season, it is that David can slue Goliath.
Little old Boise State was going to be no match for the powerful Oklahoma Sooners.
Turned out that those guys who play on the blue turf in Idaho are a pretty good football team and they defeated the vaunted Sooners in their bowl match up.
So don't tell me Hawaii is no match for one of our "powerhouse" programs.
If they beat Washington this week they deserve a shot at a national championship.
If they are not worthy, then they will lose to whomever they face and we will know for sure that they were not the best team in the land.
I have said it before and I will say it again, the BCS is a fraud.
If you are going to claim that it's all about finding a real national champion in football, then there should be no conference alignments.
The series should be open to all Division 1-A schools.
If not, then lets just go back to having a couple of polls and voters who decide the fate of our football teams.
It worked for decades and it would still work today.
So what if there is a split national champion.
I didn't like Michigan sharing the title with Nebraska, but I have learned to live with it.
It's time for us to learn to live with people deciding who wins the national championship, not computers.
This season has been outstanding when it comes to underdogs upsetting the favorites.
If we get a couple more of those upsets this weekend, then the BCS is going to have a huge mess on its hands.
I used to be in favor of a playoff system, but the problem is that college players don't need additional games.
They are already playing too many games.