What does the word service mean today?

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By Staff
This isn't going to be one of my typical optimist columns.
I am simply frustrated.
I just waited in the drive in line at a bank to put some cash in my account. What a mistake.
For the sake of the Michigan banks I will say this is a bank located in South Bend, Ind., on an account which I plan to close as soon as I get 3,000 reward points to get a $10 gift card.
There was no designated teller for those of us going through the line during lunch.
One lady did come over and tell the drivers of the two cars waiting she would be right back. She didn't come back. Finally, another gal came back and then had to leave the station to get something, either a computer to check the account or to get a deposit slip, which I didn't have.
They are so quick to deduct $30 or more from your account if you are even $3 short, with a direct deposit coming in the next day, but still can't man the drive through window with a designated teller.
While I am on this subject, I went to a Little Caesar's the other day to get two of their $5 Hot and Ready pizzas.
I admit right in the beginning, it was near Notre Dame and it was on a home game day.
I asked what kinds were ready and I misunderstood the young lady at the counter.
She said, pepperoni, sausage and cheese. I took this to mean one was pepperoni and the other was sausage and cheese.
Wrong. When I said I would take one of each and she charged me $15 plus tax I was puzzled. Instead of taking a second to understand I was confused, she shoved her cash drawer shut without saying a word and went into the back, apparently to get a manager, not much older than she was.
I tried to nicely explain I would take all three but I had been confused. He just grabbed my money, gave me change for two and threw two pizzas down on the counter.
The girl wouldn't even look at me or listen to an apology.
At no time was I loud, upset or mean.
He wouldn't listen when I said if she had just given me a second every thing could have been explained without her outburst.
All he would say is it had been a bad day and they had been slammed with business.
When I think of someone older, maybe hard of hearing, or slower than even me, dealing with these people, I wonder about customer service.
It is bad enough dealing with people from India on the phone every day who can't pronounce words, or the drive through where there is so much static that your order is always wrong, but these workers were right in front of me. No one was waiting in line behind me.
Common courtesy seems to be missing. If we aren't even allowed to explain what that means, that girl won't ever learn.