Burch drops out of council race

Published 9:55 am Friday, November 2, 2007

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES – In the best interest of his family, Niles City Council candidate Bob Burch is asking Niles voters not to vote for him during this Tuesday's election.
"I think it is in the best interest of my family to request that no one votes for me. I've already put them through enough and I feel this is the right thing for me to do," Burch said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.
Burch, 35, was running for the open seat in the city's Fourth Ward.
Since it is too late to change the ballot, his name will still appear, along with that of his opponent, Bruce Williams.
"If for some reason people did still vote for me and I did win, I would immediately resign," he said.
Burch admitted that with everything that has happened the past few months, he would like to get things back on track.
"People will talk, they are still talking and I know my name has been tainted. I just feel that things should stay private and I hope people can respect that," he said.
Burch's personal computer was recently being investigated after a search warrant was issued at his home at 548 W. Main St., Niles. Earlier this week, Burch said that the Berrien County Prosecutor Art Cotter had determined there was no cause for prosecution.
"I am feeling much better about that," Burch said Monday.
With Burch's announcement, the only contested seat in the nonpartisan election will be the Third Ward, where Betty Arndt is running against Brent "Pugsley" Wright.