Brandywine boys win against Mustangs

Published 7:35 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

By Staff
BERRIEN SPRINGS – The Brandywine boys' cross country team defeated River Valley on Monday in a Lakeland Conference meet.
The Bobcats were defeated by host Berrien Springs 23-36.
The Brandywine girls' team was defeated by Berrien Springs 18-37 and by River Valley 19-36.
Tyler Weedon grabbed a second place finish with a time of 18:37.
Elliott Richards was fourth (19:34), Aaron Sieting 7th (20:44), Tom Buzzard 11th (23:05), Doug Dykema 13th (24:04), Dennis Angeles 17th (26:34) and Samuel Gipson 18th (30:14).
Ashley Harrell was the top finisher for the Lady Bobcats with a fourth and a time of 23:06.
Nicole Newman was 12th (26:32) Kylee Salisbury (27:56), Jordenne Ferenczi 14th (29:09) and K. Lockwood 15th (30:50).
Boys' Team Results
Berrien Springs 23, Brandywine 36
Berrien Springs 15, River Valley 50
Brandywine 15, River Valley 46
Girls' Team Results
Berrien Springs 18, Brandywine 37
Berrien Springs 23, River Valley 32
River Valley 19, Brandywine 36