Football draws to a close

Published 6:41 am Friday, October 12, 2007

By Staff
It is hard to believe, but the regular season of high school football is just two weeks away from being completed.
There are several area teams who have already qualified for the post season and several more who could make the playoffs with another victory or two.
While we are excited for the teams who are preparing to move to the post season, we are equally pleased with the efforts of our young men who took it upon themselves to participate in high school football this season.
It is not easy to strap on heavy and hot equipment and go through two-a-days back in the heat of August.
It takes a special sort of person to push themselves to the limit when others would simply walk away from adversity.
Society may want to measure success in wins and losses, but there is more to high school athletics than that.
Success should be measure in effort and improvement. No matter what the record is for your favorite team, take the time to look a little deeper and see if the young men, who have given of themselves for nearly three full months now, have played as hard as they could.
Don't look at the mistakes that were made throughout the season. Look at the things they have done right that allowed you to cheer madly, if only for a few minutes.
High school athletics, and in particularly football, is about learning how to deal with success and adversity. The lessons learned on the gridiron are often ones a player can carry throughout his life.
With just two Friday nights left in the regular season, it is time to get out there and show the players and coaches just how much the community appreciates the effort they have put forth.
Not every team can go 9-0. Only 256 teams will advance to the playoffs.
That means there are quite a few football team that will be packing up their equipment in another few weeks.
But until that time, they deserve our support and our respect.
If you haven't been to a game yet this season, get out there tonight or next week.
We promise you will not regret it.