Redbone loves Dowagiac’s small town atmosphere

Published 1:58 am Friday, September 14, 2007

By Staff
On Wednesday night in Dowagiac, the legendary Leon Redbone performed at the Wood Fire.
It was Redbone's second appearance at the Wood Fire this year. Apparently, he has taken a fancy to the place and the town of Dowagiac.
Actually, he takes a fancy to many a small town.
What is it about Dowagiac and towns just like it?
According to Redbone, it's the atmosphere of small-town America that draws him in.
He loves it when a small town takes it upon itself to restore its historic surroundings, but doesn't go over the top and try to become something that it is not.
Dowagiac fits his bill perfectly.
The town has embraced its history and because of it, has become renowned for it.
Redbone really enjoys checking out the architecture of small-town America and in particular is fascinated with the Wood Fire building owned by Larry Seurynck.
He spent more than just a little bit of his time there walking around the building, both upstairs and down.
It was easy to see from his performance on Wednesday that he enjoys coming to Dowagiac. He didn't hold anything back in his performance.
You can tell the difference when a performer is just going through the motions. Redbone was at the top of his game.
Following the show, he met with nearly 100 people, who wanted to get an autograph, shake his hand or offer up a 'thank you' for coming to town.
He was as witty out of the spotlight as he was in it. He gladly met with everyone who wanted to see him and even took the time to give some tips to a would-be musician.
Dowagiac is fortunate to have people like the Seurynck family, who look beyond the city limits and want to bring people like Leon Redbone into our community.