Eddies beat Buchanan

Published 1:51 am Thursday, September 13, 2007

By By TOM NYHUIS / Niles Daily Star
BUCHANAN – A senior laden Edwardsburg Eddies volleyball team came into Buchanan Wednesday evening and made it a quick night of varsity volleyball action taking a 3-0 Lakeland Conference win over the Lady Bucks. The Eddies swept Buchanan 25-13, 25-16, 25-15.
Buchanan struggled the entire evening while Edwardsburg played solid through the three games.
"I feel like we should be in the top three of the conference with out a doubt," Buchanan coach Lisa Holok said following the sound defeat of her Bucks. "That team, who I believe that they are, didn't show up tonight. Halfway through that first game I don't think they believed they were that team anymore and that carried over to game two and three."
The Eddies were led by seniors Stephanie Koontz and Evie Tafunai on the front line and C.C.Roberts setting up the big hits of Koontz and Tafunai. "We are loaded with seniors and they did a nice job tonight but also our underclassmen stepped up an did their share also," Edwardsburg coach Sarah Benjamin said. "The more opportunities that we get to touch the ball the more we are improving. Stephanie and Evie wouldn't have the big games that they do if it wasn't for C.C sitting up the ball for them and the rest of the team doing what they have to do. It's a total team effort and they are playing as a team right now."
Buchanan stats:
Anna Callahan 7 kills, 2 blocks
Rachel Briggs 3 kills, 1 block
Courtney Miller 4 kills, 3 digs
Jayme O'Bryant 3 kills, 11 digs
Alexis Lenox 2 kills, 5 digs
Emily Ross 3 kills, 21 assists, 8 digs
Rachel Downs 15 digs
Edwardsburg stats:
Stephanie Koontz 16 kills, 11 digs, 3 blocks
Evie Tafunai 13 kills, 3 blocks
Elise Mackling 8 kills, 14 digs
Jeni Bollenbacher 15 digs
C.C. Roberts 27 assists, 9 digs
Erin Burks 4 blocks