A day to remember and reflect

Published 1:16 am Tuesday, September 11, 2007

By Staff
Today is a day for remembrance and reflection.
The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, affected all Americans as a nation, as a family and as individuals. We were all affected in one way or another.
Today we remember those who died six years ago in New York City, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania.
We also must not forget those who have lost their lives fighting for our country in this war of terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks. We continue to thank those who are still fighting, and can only hope and pray for them to return home safely – someday.
While we take this time to reflect, we are also faced with the man responsible for all of this. The man who, just a few days ago, released yet another tape, this time threatening Americans to convert to Islam if they want the war in Iraq to end. Keep dreaming Osama bin Laden.
This is a man who has not released a tape since 2004. What he doesn't understand is that listening to him is like listening to a broken tape – over and over it plays, while it makes an annoying sound. Quickly the tape is stopped and thrown away.
He must think his new look is something special, as bin Laden sported a new beard color – brown instead of gray – in this video.
While speaking on the tape, bin Laden makes no threats of any kind and does not talk of another attack. His video tapes give us a reminder that he is still on the run (maybe), but that shouldn't scare us by any means.
Osama bin Laden is still hiding and will continue to hide until he is either found or killed. Why should we let a man like this scare us? A man who doesn't even have the nerve to let his face be seen, other than in a cave? We've come too far, we have a great military behind us and we shouldn't let a cheap $1.50 VHS tape threaten us anymore.
And it doesn't.
With the attacks on Sept. 11 the worst this country has seen, one thing bin Laden excelled in was bringing our country closer and making us strong. We thank you for that.
So here, on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, let us be reminded of everything we have, how close we've become, and how a beard-dying caveman will not threaten us or tear us apart.
Our thoughts and our prayers go to those who lost loved ones, family members and friends.