Fans call for Carr’s firing

Published 12:41 am Friday, September 7, 2007

By Staff
The fallout from Michigan's stunning loss to Appalachian State continues for Coach Lloyd Carr.
Fans around the country are calling for Carr's head on a platter.
And we couldn't agree more with that sentiment.
But our call for the firing of Carr isn't based on one loss, although it was perhaps the most embarrassing loss in Michigan football history.
Our calling for the ouster of Carr is based on his record against arch-rival Ohio State.
Carr was once known as the man who brought Michigan its first national championship in more than 60 years when the Wolverines shared the title in 1997 with Nebraska.
Lately – and believe us, this is a "what have you done for us lately" business – Carr is more known for going 1-5 in the last six Ohio State games.
Losing to the Buckeyes is unacceptable in "Michigan Country."
Carr has become better known for his conservative nature on Saturday afternoons. Now, he is known for losing to Appalachian State, which isn't even a I-A school.
The national championship and the loss to Appalachian State will forever be linked together in Carr's legacy.
We are not alone in calling for Carr's firing.
The Michigan Daily, the student-run newspaper in Ann Arbor, has a poll in which 67 percent of the voters want Carr fired. Just 28 percent say he should keep his job.
Web sites have been popping up on the internet both for and against the embattled Michigan coach. One of the more interesting ones is where you can purchase t-shirts, mugs and buttons.
Michigan is still a competitive team on Saturday afternoons. There is no taking that away from Carr. But watching a Michigan game can be like getting a tooth pulled – a long, slow and painful process.
Perhaps Carr even agrees a change is needed. There has been speculation throughout this year that Carr was ready to step down.
Unfortunately, he probably should have done that after last season when the
Wolverines were riding high, despite a pair of season-ending losses.
Lloyd Carr has been a good "Michigan Man." But there comes a time in every program for the "Man" to step down.
Following this season, whether or not the Wolverines go on to win the Big
Ten Conference championship or not, it is time for Michigan to move in a new direction.