Ill child’s money stolen after benefit

Published 11:17 pm Thursday, August 30, 2007

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES – There are people in this world who give, and people in this world who take. Unfortunately, a recent benefit for a young child saw both of these characteristics and now the family and friends of Zachary Combs want your help.
Two benefits were held for Combs, a 5-year-old boy who has been battling Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system.
The first was held at Wal-Mart on Saturday, Aug. 18, which featured a car wash and a bake sale. The second was a spaghetti dinner, held Saturday, Aug. 26, at the American Legion Post No. 51 in Buchanan. Both benefits were very successful. However, the money that was going to be used to help Zachary and his family has been stolen.
Suzie Wells, friend of Amy Backus, Zachary's mother, said Wednesday that more than $1,700 cash was stolen after someone broke into the home of a relative of Christopher Combs, Zachary's father.
"They broke in, stole all the cash out of the purse, but left all of the checks," Wells said.
According to Wells, no one was home at the time of the incident and the purse was left at the house. "There was a lot of money in it and they did not want to take it anywhere except to deposit it in the bank," she said.
The money never reached the bank and, instead, is sitting in the hands of someone to whom it doesn't belong.
"It's sick and disgusting that someone could do this to a 5-year-old boy," Wells added.
Zachary's grandmother, Tresa Marker, also agreed that whoever did this will get what they have coming.
"God will handle this," she simply said. "They went in, took all the cash, but left $100 in checks – how thoughtful of them." Anyone with any information regarding this incident please contact the Buchanan police at 695-6821.