Stocking up

Published 10:03 pm Thursday, August 23, 2007

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES – Store shelves have been stocked with back to school supplies, as students attending Niles and Brandywine schools will soon hit the classrooms for another school year.
This summer vacation was a little longer than usual, as classes were dismissed in May and will resume after Labor Day on Tuesday, Sept. 4. At a meeting on Aug. 17, Niles Community Schools Superintendent Doug Law said parents and students seemed very pleased that classes start after the holiday.
"It's something that worked out very well. They like the idea of waiting until after Labor Day," Law said.
While vacation is winding down to its last few days, some students seem anxious to get back to class.
Laura Mitchell, who will be entering first grade, said she can't wait to see her new teacher and her friends.
"I want to make new friends too. I like school and this year I go a whole day," she said.
Laura, her brother Drew, and their mother, Diane, were school shopping Monday night at Wal-Mart in Niles. Their cart was full of pencils, crayons, glue, paper, folders and two backbacks.
"We haven't talked with the school or their teachers yet, but I pretty much know what the teachers will want them to have, so we are getting things bought and out of the way," Diane explained.
School supplies are not required by Niles or Brandywine schools, but classroom lists of supplies are available.
Niles Community Schools has a list of items that can be purchased, although some classes may ask for additional supplies.
"We don't require the students to buy anything, but there are a few things that, if a parent wants to purchase something, would be recommended," Michelle Dreitzler, Niles Community Schools superintendent's secretary said.
Brandywine Community Schools also does not require students to get anything, but classroom lists are available of items that will be used. Since each classroom is different, parents need to call for information. Merritt Elementary has a list of recommended supplies available for view in the lobby windows at the school.
Dustin Dushuanack is entering the seventh grade at Brandywine Junior/Senior High School. His friend, Conrad Smallmon, will be in eighth grade, The two stated they stock up before school starts and purchase items such as pencils, binders, pens, paper, "and a whole bunch of folders," Smallmon added.