All-Stars shining bright

Published 8:02 pm Saturday, August 11, 2007

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Niles Daily Star
NILES – A tired bunch of All-Stars met with the media Friday afternoon as they prepared for their trip to the Senior League World Series.
The team has had just two days to prepare for its trip to Bangor, Maine.
Niles was honored at Thomas Stadium on Friday night and departed for Chicago at 3 a.m. today to catch their flight to Maine.
The players and coaches are extremely excited about their first appearance in the World Series and expect the trip to be rewarding.
Each player was asked what they expected to get out of the experience.
Here are their remarks:
Cody Udell, Brandywine High School: "I expect to have a really good time playing in the World Series and I expect to see some really good baseball teams."
Anthony Gladden, Niles High School: "To just have fun and a good time."
Will Coar, Brandywine High School: "Lots of memories, to get better and make friends."
Justin Stroud, Niles High School: "I expect to have a lot of fun and meet new people."
Tyler Jackson, Nile High School: "To get better and meet new people from different places."
Ricky Briand, Niles High School: "To have opportunities to be scouted and to beat the best of the best."
Tyler Knisely, Buchanan High School: "To meet other kids from different countries who love baseball. To give and get respect. To keep my focus and my composure during and after games, no matter what the outcome. But most of all, to experience the feeling of playing in the World Series."
Taylor Ort, Brandywine High School: "To see my uncle Randy and aunt Kathy."
Corey Johnson, Edwardsburg High School: "I expect to get a World Series championship."
Dan Reidenbach, Brandywine High School: "To have fun and play baseball."
Andrew Brawley, Niles High School: "Baseball has given me so many opportunities. This World Series berth will give me opportunities to meet other players my age from all over the world. I'm very proud to represent my hometown, my state and my region."
Jesse McCombs, Brandywine High School: "To have fun and play baseball."
Kevin Gross, Niles High School: "To have a better understanding of other cultures and how the play ball."
Dominique Pompey, Niles High School: "To have lots of fun, meet new people and to get better at baseball."
Bill Coar, manager: "I expect to see and enjoy the young players enthusiasm as they play at the highest levels of competition as individuals and as a team."
Russ Johnson, coach: "The opportunity to learn about all the countries that will be attending."
Jack Ort, coach: "A World Series championship."