Steve’s Run draws large crowd

Published 6:08 pm Monday, July 30, 2007

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Niles Daily Star
DOWAGIAC – Youth was served at the 33rd annual Steve's Run on Saturday.
In a race that has been dominated by collegiate runners throughout its history, a couple of high school runners battled for the 10K title.
In the end, LaPorte, Ind. senior-to-be Mike Fout out-dueled Mishawaka (Ind.) High School's Craig Padgett for the title.
Fout, who is the defending Indiana state 3,200-meter champion, ran a fine time of 32:16. Padgett came in at 32:41.
"There was a lot of good competition and a lot of kids I'll be racing against in Indiana this fall, so it's good to measure myself against them," Fout said after the race. "It was nice to have him (Padgett) push me. I wanted to take it out in 5:15, but we were at 4:55 (first mile), so it was a nice fast pace."
Fout was third in last year's race.
Adam Martin of Chesterton, Ind. finished third with a time of 33:27, while Chad Ware of Mishawaka and Matt Zielske of Elkhart, Ind. finished fourth and fifth resctively.
Former Dowagiac standout Adam Dohm finished sixth with a time of 34:10.
Former Ferris State University runner Jenny Every, now of Peoria, Ill., was the fastest woman on Saturday in the 10K race.
She posted a time of 39:19 to edge Mary Ballinger of Chesterton, who ran a 39:36.
"I have never run this race before," Every said. "It was challenging, but I liked it. It is definitely unique with the combination of the trails and the road. I have run strictly road races before and I have run strictly trail races before, but never a combination."
Crystina Martinez of Valparaiso, Ind. took third, while Megan Jackson of Middlebury, Ind. and Melinda Misch of Portage, Ind. rounded out the top five finishers.
Lakeshore's Amanda Balk finished sixth with a time of 43:18.
More than 1,200 runners once again participated in Steve's Run.
Although the morning was humid, the runners said it was a very comfortable race due to low temperatures.
Steve's Run Top 10
10K Run Male
1. Mike Fout, Laporte, Ind. 32:16
2. Craig Padgett, Mishawaka, Ind. 32:41
3. Adam Martin, Chesterton, Ind. 33:27
4. Chad Ware, Mishawaka, Ind. 33:47
5. Matt Zielske, Elkhart, Ind. 33:55
6. Adam Dohm, Niles 34:10
7. Matt Ditzler, Huntington, Ind. 34:40
8. Camron Waltes, S. Whitley, Ind. 34:44
9. Dave Santelik, Crown Point, Ind. 34:51
10. Ryan Toth, North Liberty, Ind. 34:57
Age Division Winners
Male 7-9
1. Ian Klahre, Fremont 1:17:50
Male 10-11
1. Glenn Klahre, Fremont 1:12:00
Male 12-13
1. Ethan Bonta, Portage, Ind. 46:57
Male 14-15
1. Anthony Janiga, Hammond, Ind. 38:34
Male 16-18
1. Mike Fout, Laporte, Ind. 32:16
Male 19-24
1. Adam Martin, Chesterton, Ind. 33:27
Male 25-29
1. Joe Every, Peoria, Ill. 35:06
Male 30-34
1. Victor Mattson, Elkhart, Ind. 36:27
Male 35-39
1. Derick Eaton, Sullivan, Ill 36:18
Male 40-44
1. Jeff Borah, St. Joseph 37:54
Male 45-49
1. Dave Bussard, Elkhart, Ind. 36:22
Male 50-54
1. Ken Burke, South Bend, Ind. 41:09
Male 55-59
1. Fred Colbert, Kalamazoo 43:54
Male 60-64
1. Ken Nelson, Centreville 56:57
Male 65-69
1. Charles Simeck, Berrien Springs 56:11
Steve's Run Top 10
10K Run Female
1. Jenny Every, Peoria, Ill. 39:19
2. Mary Ballinger, Chesterton, Ind. 39:36
3. Crystina Martinez, Valparaiso, Ind. 40:28
4. Megan Jackson, Middlebury, Ind. 40:33
5. Cindy Steinbeck, Porter, Ind. 43:10
6. Melinda Misch, Portage, Ind. 43:13
7. Amanda Balk, Stevensville 43:18
8. Felicia Mondry, Grand Rapids 44:23
9. Bonnie Sexton, Mattawan 44:27
10. Kara Van Horn, Roanoke, Ind. 44:27
Age Division Winners
Female 14-15
1. Courtney Padgett, Mishawaka, Ind. 48:55
Female 16-18
1. Melinda Misch, Portage, Ind. 43:13
Female 19-24
1. Jenny Every, Peoria, Ill. 39:19
Female 25-29
1. Tia Lillie, Salt Lake City, Utah 47:09
Female 30-34
1. Cindy Steinbeck, Porter, Ind. 43:10
Female 35-39
1. Lisa Viergutz, Dowagiac 45:35
Female 40-44
1. Bonnie Sexton, Mattawan 44:27
Female 45-49
1. Melody Mustafa, Tucson, Ariz, 51:31
Female 50-54
1. Denise Stebbins, Belmont 50:16
Female 55-59
1. Annette Boyce, Dowagiac 52:55
Female 60-64
1. Judy Nelson, Centreville 1:04:21
Female 65-69
1. Mary Connolly, South Bend, Ind. 1:04:22