Is she going to kill Harry?

Published 3:34 pm Saturday, July 14, 2007

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Niles Daily Star
NILES – Will "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" mean the death of Harry?
While some people can hardly wait for the seventh and last J.K. Rowling book in the popular Harry Potter series, Wonderland Cinema in Niles is showing the movie based on the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Rumors have spread by fans of the aging boy with round glasses and dark hair covering a scar on his forehead.
"I think he goes away. I think it might look like he's dead, like Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings," but will actually come back," Becky Fisette of Edwardsburg said.
She has seen all the movies, but hasn't taken the time yet to read all the books.
Her co-worker, Tina Stutzman of Cassopolis disagrees. "I think he's going to die after she ends the books so nobody can bring him back. I heard this is the last book and there's no way there going to be another Harry Potter.
Stutzman, 18, started reading the books when they were assigned in junior high. "I got a little hooked." She expects she will be buying the latest book.
"You can't kill the hero," said Jerrid Burdue, a seventh grader at Ring Lardner. Turning 13 today, he is excited to go to the movie this weekend to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the movie based on the fifth book in the series.
That was his favorite book because "there was lots of action."
David Hollister, 10, of Niles, who is homeschooled believes Jerrid is right. He started reading at age four and has completed all the books, a feat many adults have yet to accomplish.
"I like the characters in the book best, some are pleasant and some are not," he added.
Another of Shane and Laura Hollister's seven sons, Daniel, also didn't think Harry would die.
"Harry is not going to die. He's the star. His character can't die," he said.
Kelsey Imus, 8, a third grader at Brandywine, the daughter of Tim and Julie Batchelor, doesn't want Harry to die because "he's cool. I like the little scar on his head," she said.
Darleen Jackson, of Niles Township and Niles District Library's children's librarian, truly believes J.K. Rowling won't have Harry die.
Dressed as Professor McGonagall Deputy Headmistress while teaching some youngsters how to knit Friday afternoon, she gave her reasons for her belief.
"I read all of her interviews and three major authors told her it would doom the series for young adults and children. You don't kill off the protagonist – the main character. It would take the fun out of it. It is something you don't do in a major series like this," she said. She also is "positive Snake is good and Dumbledore is alive and well."
She planned to talk her husband into going to the Harry Potter show this weekend. "I am usually disappointed in the movie," she added, because so much is left out.
"I've heard the rumors, but it would surprise me if he dies," said Sue Majerek of Sue's Hallmark of Main Street in Niles.
"Pre-sales are very good," she said of the last Harry Potter book, number seven in the series, selling at 20 percent off the $34.99 price.
The book will be released for sale at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, June 21. A Harry Potter party is planned in front of Majerek's Friday, June 20 beginning at 8 p.m. with games, prizes of Harry Potter items and gift certificates, cookies and punch. Those who have already purchased the book will not have to wait at the register, when the crowd is let in the doors at one minute after midnight.