Make the call to donate your old cell phones

Published 2:55 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2007

By Staff
There are bound to be a few in your drawer – cell phones you don't use any more.
As these portable phones got smaller and added so many bells and whistles, many people have upgraded and can now take photos, view the Internet and get up to date weather information sent right to them.
AAA Michigan and Verizon Wireless have come up for a solution for those old phones taking up space which will benefit others.
During July and August, the 40 AAA offices around the state will be collecting old cell phones and accessories, such as chargers, for its HopeLine program.
The phones could once have been activated by a different network than Verizon and can be in any condition.
Some will be repaired and sold with the money going into the HopeLine program which gives wireless phones and cash grants to local shelters and nonprofit organizations that work with the victims of domestic violence and toward its prevention.
What a great way to make sure the phone parts, if unusable, will be disposed of in an environmentally correct way.
In Michigan alone, there are more than 70,000 occurrences of domestic violence reported in 2005, according to statistics collected by the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center.
A bonus is that Verizon will also donate $5 for every phone donated, up to $10,000 to help fight domestic violence.
So search through your junk drawer and visit you closest AAA branch.