Even with election so far away, many thinking about 2008 race

Published 12:12 pm Friday, June 22, 2007

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES – The 2008 Presidential Election was the hottest topic on Wednesdays episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart. Actually, it seems to be a pretty hot topic everywhere, and the election is still more than a year away.
Being the jokester he is, Stewart made plenty of silly comments about the election and the candidates rumored to be in the run for the presidency.
"You could fill two major league baseball teams with the amount of people running. And who are some of these people anyway?" Stewart joked.
Confusion seems to be one of the biggest issues right now. People either don't know who they are voting for, don't know who is running or haven't really paid that much attention to it yet.
However, Niles area residents who did choose to share their opinions Friday had strong ones about their choice for the Oval Office in 2008.
"As of right now, I really like Mitt Romney. I think (Barack) Obama will eventually be a strong candidate to face Romney. It's just so early and so many people are confused. I think the whole thing started way too early as well. It's going to be hard for the candidates who are front runners because there is still a lot of time until the election. But as of right now I like Romney. He has Michigan ties and he ran a good ship in Massachusetts. He also did very well with the Olympics in Atlanta," Mike Welch said.
Malisa Ridley said she would like to see Democrat Hillary Clinton take the seat as the first female President.
"I like her platform and agree with a lot of her views so far. Plus I like the fact that she has Bill (Clinton) to back her up. I thought he was a good president," Ridley said.
Chris Massey, on the other hand, said Clinton is the very last person he wants to see in the White House.
"Definitely not Hillary. I really haven't given much thought on the whole situation yet. I'm leaning for Obama and I like John McCain, but my only real decision at this point is not voting for Hillary," Massey said.
Jennie Samson-Linville also isn't sure who will have her vote yet, but she knows it will not be a Republican.
"I just don't trust any of them. There is no middle class anymore, it's rich and poor, or rich and richer. The cost of living continues to go up, yet we don't see an increase in our wages, which makes things very hard. I just can't make ends meet. Overall I'm just fed up with the government right now and I don't trust them. Hopefully whoever I vote for can help straighten this out."
Bill Welch agreed that the I government doesn't seem to be for the American people anymore.
"The government is broke. When a representative of the government steps up, it doesn't seem they are representing the people anymore, it's all about them. Look at the illegal aliens, border control, the only thing that is promoting is cheap labor," Welch continued. "John McCain said something not too long ago about not being able to find Americans who will work for $50 just to pick lettuce. I sent in my resume and have yet to hear anything back. But as of right now, I like Romney. I did hear a few things from him and about him that I like."
Anita Pease said she has no idea who she will be voting for yet, but she knows her vote will go to a Democrat.
Mark Giffels was also leery about seeing Clinton in the running.
"My biggest fear right now is that the Democrats will get Hillary in there. She just carries too much baggage. I'm hoping Obama can get in there, because at this point there are no Republicans I really like."
Giffels made mention that Fred Thompson, former Tennessee Senator-turned-actor on Law &Order, may be a good possibility as well.
Virgil Hoese, like many, also seems to like Romney, but wouldn't mind seeing Clinton in office.
"I just have to stick with my roots. I don't like Edwards and I'm against the war, so as of now I guess Hillary would be good to see. Bush and his administration have made a mess of things and it's time for a change," Hoese said.
Whether it's Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain, Regis Philbin or Rosie O'Donnell, one thing's for certain, the next presidential debate will be one hot topic.