Keep your backyard and holiday safe

Published 11:46 am Wednesday, June 20, 2007

By Staff
I have noticed something which has me worried. There seem to be large round plastic pools being set up in backyards everywhere.
The somewhat reasonable cost of these pools I am sure attributes to there popularity.
I even was tempted to join in with a friend's daughter as she splashed around the other day when the temperature was in the 90s.
As a former inground pool owner though I am concerned. I have yet to see one fence around these pools which have the capacity of water which could easily drown a toddler.
I would hope that the owners realize those lawn chairs left around the pool are a perfect way for a child, left alone for just a few minutes, to climb in the pool.
After all I have seem many youngsters find a way to get into the kitchen cupboards to find a treat when mom is out of the room.
With the Fourth of July coming soon, I also am concerned about children for another reason.
Those sparklers that look so pretty, have a dangerously high heat. Parents actually encourage their children to run with them. Not only are they pointed sticks, they are burning hot.
I have never been a big fan of fireworks, especially since the people using them aren't really knowledgeable about their proper use. So if you are going to have fireworks as part of your celebration, please be careful and watch your children. Also don't leave them around after the celebration is over.
Speaking of celebrations, I really enjoyed the Juneteenth event put on Tuesday at Calvin Center.
It is always interesting to learn about our area's history and the settlement of Ramptown is a mystery which researchers continue to seek answers.
The woman from Michigan State University who spoke has been looking for a photo of Charles Osborne for years.
He was the father of a Quaker family who helped the slaves who were running to freedom from the south on the Underground Railroad.
At the event, a woman from Elkhart, Ind. came actually with Osborne's photo, as she was a great-great-great granddaughter.
They told how Osborne had nine children with his first wife and eight from his second wife, this woman's relative.
Others have also added to the knowledge about the settlement, but if these people don't speak up the information which has been passed down in their families will be lost forever.
Family history might not mean much to your children when they are young, but when your children marry and have children of their own, then they want to know about their past.
Journals are a great way of remembering and can be passed down to the next generation.
It is hard to take the time to do this, but in the end you and your family will be glad you did.